How to Play the C Major 13 Chord using all Six Strings

What is an easy way you can play the C Major 13 jazz chord without using any open strings?

Let’s use a chord diagram here to show the way to play the C Major thirteen using all six strings thus without any need to skip, or mute any strings either. The only tricky part about this is the need to bunch your fingers together to play the G note on the 8th fret. Otherwise this is actually an easy chord to play and has a definite jazzy sound to it. This means that it fits well into jazz progressions and can be played among the many other chords of the songs it is used in with minimal effort.

This chord is played in the 7th position as the diagram shows. The C root note is highlighted in red. The notes involved with this are:

  • C on the 8th fret using your middle finger
  • E on the 7th fret using your first finger to barre these notes
  • A on the 7th fret barred
  • D on the 7th fret barred
  • G on the 8th fret second string using your ring finger
  • B on the 7th fret barred with the other notes
C Major 13 Chord using all Six Strings