Guitar Solo Lesson for Beginners – A Minor Pentatonic Scale

In this guitar lesson we will learn how to play the guitar notes in the A minor pentatonic scale in the 5th position and in the 7th position. This is a good guitar lesson for beginners because it shows you one of the most common ways to play the A minor pentatonic scale, and by learning the same notes in the 7th position pattern you will have more options available when you play a guitar solo, guitar licks or lead guitar in general. This also sets the foundation for gaining the ability to improvise in the proper key when you have the opportunity to.

All of the examples within this guitar lesson use the same five notes. These notes which make up the A minor pentatonic scale are: A, C, D, E and G. Many styles of music like blues, rock, pop or country will use the I IV V chord progression.

The notes in this lesson will work well with these chords in A minor or C Major just as an example. But the main thing is to learn how to play the guitar notes in these scale positions and we will focus more on guitar chords in other lessons. The video here will provide the best explanation of this. In reality these could be considered as two different scales in a musical theory sense. The two scales would be the A minor pentatonic which is the one played in the 5th position, and the C Major pentatonic scale which is the one played in the 7th position in this lesson. Since the notes are all the same though, a guitar player could look at it in either of these ways. This gets a bit more intermediate though, so if you are a beginning guitar player then this is not at all necessary to worry about right now.

The best way to get the most out of this free guitar lesson is to simply play the notes of the 5th position pattern all the way up, and then all the way down in a slow and steady repetition in order to build up your finger dexterity as well as your knowledge. Once you have this down fairly well you can add-on the additional notes within the 7th position pattern.

Once you can play these two examples of the A minor pentatonic scale in this guitar solo lesson you will have some great options for playing guitar solos and licks as well since they are all fundamentally based on scales. Keep in mind that this lesson focuses only the same five notes, so you will remain in key when you use them over the appropriate chord progressions as mentioned above. For a demonstration of how to play an intermediate yet basic guitar solo using the information from this lesson see the build a guitar solo lesson which uses the exact notes and positions we learned here.

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  1. This is one of the most important scales that I have ever learned. It is versatile, like you say it can be moved all over the neck. But there are a ton of songs that it works in. We play blues, country, rock and so on. I know that I lean on this one in all those styles!

  2. Can you play this over an E chord like in some blues guitar songs? I was wanting to know which chords you are able to play this lesson over. I tried the E like I said on a blues track but the notes just don’t sound right. thanks

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