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Here you will find the list of all the free guitar lessons on this site. To make it easy for you to locate specific styles and lesson topics, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the naming convention of the lessons. It is easy and should get you right to the guitar lessons which you are most interested in.

These free guitar lessons are not necessarily in any sequential order as far as getting progressively more advanced or complex, so you can jump around within any given stylistic category to learn the rhythms, leads and music. They are however conveniently organized into groups according to style, level and specific focus making it super easy to find the lessons and get the most out of your learning experience.

How to find Free Guitar Lessons You are Interested in:

Lesson Title Lesson Level Lesson Number
Description of Guitar Lesson Suggested Difficulty Level Number assigned to Lesson

Lesson Level
The level of difficulty for each guitar lesson is only a suggested level. Strive to try others as you may just surprise yourself!

  • BGN = Beginner
  • INT = Intermediate
  • ADV = Advanced

Any lessons which do not have this organizing sequence in the title are often topics directly from students. This may include questions, observations, stylistic or technique insights and other “how to’s” based on conversations with students which we have had over the years.

Index of Free Guitar Lessons

Organizing these guitar lessons by level is merely a relative concept. One helpful approach to selecting which lessons you want to focus on is to keep in mind that the skill levels of the lessons may overlap one another. This simply means that if you are an intermediate guitar player then you might find that you are quite capable of easily learning lessons within the advanced categories. Also, if you are a beginner guitar player you may find some highly useful information in the intermediate lessons categories.

Two ways you can Tune a Guitar by Ear
Being able to tune a guitar is imperative for your music to sound right. Here are two ways to do it without the help of a tuner. One way is quite standard and the other shows you how to use harmonics to tune the guitar strings.

Guitar Notes for Beginners – Part One – BGN101
Get to know the names of the guitar string notes. This lesson also shows you how to use the position markers on the guitar neck.

Guitar Notes for Beginners – Part Two – BGN102
Get a head start by learning the most common guitar notes and the positions which are used to stay aware of your position when playing the guitar.

Guitar Notes for Beginners – Part Three – BGN103
Learning about whole steps and half steps is great for building a solid foundation of knowledge in scale construction and building guitar chords and arpeggios too.

Play the Major Scale in any Key with this Pattern – BGN104
The Major scale is the foundation for essentially all music. The chords which make up songs and the scales which are used in guitar solos are based upon this scale. This lesson shows you how to play it in any key.

How to play the E Minor Pentatonic Scale – BGN110
The pentatonic scale on guitar is possibly the most common scale. It is easy to play and found in countless songs in a variety of genres. The E minor is one of the most common keys for the pentatonic scale on the guitar.

How to play the A Minor Pentatonic Scale – BGN111
Another important pentatonic scale to learn is the A minor pentatonic scale. This lesson is good for beginners or anyone interested in how to use scales in their guitar playing.

Beginning Blues Guitar Lessons
Much of the information provided in blues guitar lessons can be used as a foundation for any style of music. The 12 bar blues chord progression and the blues scale are good places for beginners to start.

How to use a Blues Turnaround Guitar Lick – BGN112
Here is a solid introduction to the blues turnaround guitar lick. This works well in various musical styles and is a key element to the structure of many songs.

How to use the E Minor Pentatonic Scale in a Guitar Solo – INT110
Once you know the notes from the pentatonic scales it is time to learn how to apply them to guitar licks and guitar solos.

How to use the A Minor Pentatonic Scale to Build a Guitar Solo – INT111
Building great guitar solos requires a bit of music theory knowledge for sure. This guitar lesson shows you how to do this using guitar licks based upon the A minor pentatonic scale.

Fast Single String Guitar Lick using Notes from G Major – INT112
This technique is good for playing fast guitar licks on a single string using alternate picking. This example uses the notes from the G Major scale.

Sweep Picking Guitar Technique with Tapping – ADV110
Heavy on technique this advanced guitar lesson is an example of combining sweep picking and right hand tapping based on using arpeggio shapes on the guitar.

How to make a Guitar Solo using Licks from the E Major Scale – ADV111
This is a short video which uses several guitar licks from the E Major scale to build a guitar solo. The licks include sweep picking arpeggios, right hand tapping, alternate picking and some just some fun phrasing ideas for soloing.

Playing Guitar by Ear vs. Learning to Read Music
No matter what level you consider yourself to be at, there comes a time when you may wonder if it would be worth your time to learn how to read music as opposed to playing the guitar by ear. Here are some pros and cons for each side.

What is the Best Guitar Pick?
Finding the best guitar pick simply takes experimenting with the different gauges and materials. There are guitar picks which work best for speed, strumming, electric and acoustic. Learn the differences between these and what to look out for with certain picks.

Guitar Lessons – Free versus Paid – The Best Options
You might be surprised at how similar paid lessons are compared to free lessons online. The basic fundamentals of learning how to play the guitar are taught using much the same instructional methods and materials.

So take it easy, always warm-up before you really start jamming, and learn from as many of these free guitar lessons as you wish. We will continue to add many more lessons over time. Like our website name implies, the lessons are “open” to everyone interested in taking a free guitar lesson online anytime!

Find even more guitar playing tips and questions from students in our Q&A section here which covers lead and rhythm topics.