Guitar Lessons

These lessons are open to everyone and they are based on many years of interacting with students. The focus is on providing new ideas and solid information concerning the most common questions which guitarists of all levels may have. Lessons covered are beginner through advanced topics for guitar players.

The best approach to Learning how to Play the Guitar

Learning to play the instrument is basically a combination of knowledge and physical ability. This is different than being able to “create” original music using your knowledge of chords, build guitar solos or to write songs.

Creating a Guitar Solo

Those are two very different topics which we address in many of these lessons as well. Some people might say that being able to create original music, as well as writing original lyrics is the ultimate goal, but you still need the ability and know-how to get it done.

So is there a secret to being able to do things like play songs by ear, or even figuring out guitar tabs? Well, to begin with, the actual “secret” to learning how to play the guitar consists of a few primary requirements which are not really all that secret at all. This is what they include:

  • Having a desire to learn
  • Discipline to practice consistently
  • Sources of great information
  • Willingness to stick with it

There are some approaches which make the whole process direct, logical and as easy as possible, and sharing those with you is what our goal is with the videos and lessons on this site. However, based on many years of studying, practicing, analyzing and everything else, the fact is that the “secret” to guitar playing is a combination of desire, discipline, information and time.

That probably sounds kind of dull and boring but one bright aspect of this is that “time” does not necessarily have to mean “years” of endless practicing.

The reality is that time really means “minutes”. For example, if you practice for five hours a day (300 minutes), then you should progress faster than someone who only practices the guitar for one hour (60 minutes) a day. This is not always the case though since some people just learn faster than others. But ultimately, learning how to play the guitar at the level which you want to does not have to take years to accomplish. Yet everyone has to put their time in to some degree, if nothing else then to build up those finger tips! The fact is that playing the guitar can be considered a very physical activity. So for this reason we try to balance the lessons out among various skill levels.

In fact, all of the free guitar lessons offered here are good examples of this since they represent different levels of playing and can be challenging to play. When you are learning and playing the more difficult guitar licks you can associate what you are doing to practically any physically challenging activity. If you are a beginning guitar player then all of the challenges should be an inspiration to keep you reaching for more.

How to Tune Your Guitar

If you are just starting out on guitar then you will eventually need to learn how to tune your guitar and here are two of the best ways you can do this in this video. These are just some great aspects of these online guitar lessons, they are easy, useful and handy resources available 24/7. Besides being free these online guitar lessons are easy to work with since you can view them whenever you want and wherever you are with an Internet connection. Take your time and learn how to play the guitar techniques which you are most interested in. We recommend pausing the videos as needed so that you can take time to practice the information which you are learning.

For students who are looking for guitar lessons for beginners then this informative series based on learning the guitar notes is a great place to start from. Or if you are looking for intermediate or more advanced guitar lessons you will find many great resources to learn to play guitar on

Sweep Picking on Guitar

The advanced guitar lessons focus on learning guitar techniques such as sweep picking and there will be more of these videos coming soon as well. Sweep picking is one of the more difficult techniques to play on the guitar.

The sweep picking technique requires an unconventional approach to picking as it utilizes a single down stroke or a single upstroke to cover multiple guitar strings in one motion. We will be frequently adding to the list of free guitar lessons so stay tuned and enjoy the guitar lessons as we continue to create many more resources involving chords, scales, tricks, techniques, leads and lots more.

Learning to be Creative based on your Knowledge

After giving private guitar lessons to hundreds of people over the years, there is one thing that appears to be a fact. This is that not everyone is going to learn at the same pace, even if they spend the same amount of time practicing the identical scales, chords, licks and information.

The reality is that some people are able to pick up on the basic understanding and develop the physical ability to play the guitar faster than other people.

There really is a large amount of discipline involved in getting to where you want your skills as a guitarist to be. The free guitar lessons on this site focus on the points and areas which are important to progressing as a guitar player, and learning how to think like one as well. This information is applicable whether you are playing rhythm guitar, lead guitar or writing songs on the guitar. After all, even when you are creating something new, you still need to draw from your knowledge of music theory. Thankfully only a basic knowledge of this is all you really need to get started.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, playing the guitar has the unique ability to help you take your mind off things and let you begin to relax. It seems like within minutes your thoughts can drift off into a special creative mode where there is really nothing bothersome, and all that matters is enjoying the music which you are creating. And the lifelong enjoyment of advancing your knowledge can provide a challenge in continually reaching to meet new goals.